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Bella Terra Stone is so excited to welcome you to visit Slabland the North’s Largest selection of full stone slabs. With over 1600 full slabs of Granite, Marble, Quartz and more – Slabland is sure to have just the right stone for you.

The stone to make your dream kitchen a reality. A selection unparralled in the North and it’s right here at Bella Terra Stone North Bay.

Slabland: 4385 Hwy 11 N, North Bay

Start Your Search… This is Going to be Fun!

Tour Slabland Monday-Friday 9-5 at 4385 Hwy 11 N, North Bay. You can also start your search by viewing our online inventory here and you can always call and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff by calling 705-358-3039.

What Can You Expect To See When You Tour Slabland?

Slabland consists of stone slabs procured from all over the world. Italian Marbles from the very quarries Michaelangelo roamed, Quartzites from the foothills of the Himalayans, Exotic Granites from such far off places as Finland and Madagascar and of course beautiful slabs of Canadian Shield quarried right here in Ontario.

But that’s not all! Slabland also includes Quartzland filled with hundreds of full slabs of beautiful Quartz from a number of the industry’s leading Quartz Manufacturers. Let Bella Terra Stone’s dream help your dream kitchen become reality. This is Slabland!

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